Лечение алкоголизма. Лечение алкогольной зависимости в Москве. Анонимное лечение алкогольной зависимости в Израиле
We can help you to return sobriety in your life. Overcome alcoholism once and for all!
Alcohol destroys your body and your life. Do not let it do it!

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Alcohol addiction is a serious illness, having a chronic form. The emergence of this disease is associated with the psychological problems of a person. Alcoholism leads to the terrible consequences, which include destruction of the human psyche, disruption of the body, inappropriate behavior. Having discovered the first symptoms of alcoholism, you shall apply to the medical clinic «Renaissance». Its specialists are practicing the latest techniques of the Israeli medicine and help to restore your health.

Full alcoholism treatment is achieved due to the high professionalism of the doctors, use of an integrated approach, conduct of an accurate diagnostics, prescription of the individual patient rehabilitation scheme. The specialists of the clinic «Renaissance» guarantee a complete anonymity of treatment of a person suffering from the alcohol addiction. By relying on the medical center, you can once and for all get rid of the disease, which is an obstacle to a normal life. Do not be afraid to admit the presence of alcohol dependence. Take the first step towards a health life, and the specialists of the clinic «Renaissance» will help you to undergo rehabilitation.

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Leading specialists

Mark Zevin


He was specialized in psychotherapy and hypnosis on the basis of the Tel Aviv University…

Svetlana Belakovskaya

Head replacement therapy center

Candidate of Medical Sciences. Doctor of the highest qualification category…

Anna Leibovich


Certified specialist in the Psychological and Social Rehabilitation…

Rachel Levin

Therapist psychodramatist

Rachel Levin is a therapist psychodramatist, master of the therapeutic groups…

Adam Yankilov

Program Manager

Adam Yankilov is a leading specialist in work with the dependent and co-dependent states…

Igor Borisovich Weisberg


   Igor Borisovich Weisberg is a neurologist. Doctor of the highest qualification category…


A person who regularly drinks alcohol cannot rely on a doctor by himself/herself, because he/she is afraid to become a victim of humiliation and ridicule, to lose respect. An optimum variant of the effective treatment of alcoholism is carrying out rehabilitation in an anonymous form in the Israeli clinic "Renaissance". By caring for the full recovery of the patient, the medical specialists carefully maintain the patient confidentiality by hiding information about the diagnosis and the patient's personal information. By providing a medical assistance, the Israeli doctors of the psychological clinics are guided by the provisions of the "Patient's Rights Act".