Alcoholism and the stages of its treatment

Alcoholism and the stages of its treatment. How to stop drinking alcohol. How to treat alcoholism

Alcoholism — a serious disease that disrupts the body and leads to the human degradation. The first sign of its development is the excessive use of alcohol without accompanying vomiting reflex. Under the negative impact of ethyl alcohol the mechanism of metabolic processes is completely reconstructed that result in the body resistance to the high doses of alcohol.

How to treat alcoholism at various stages?

It is the easiest way to get rid of the alcohol addiction at the first stage of its development. To do this, you shall make an appointment to a doctor. After advice and diagnostics the specialist appoints the outpatient treatment of disease or treatment at home under his/her control.

Upon determining the second or third stage of alcoholism the patient requires hospitalization. The necessity of this type of rehabilitation is associated with the manifestation of severe symptoms of alcohol cessation, which can lead to death without timely medical care. If the patient is afraid of gibes of the crowd, he/she may take the anonymous treatment, contacting the Israeli  Medical Center «Renaissance».

Stages of the alcohol addiction treatment:

  • Elimination of organism intoxication. At first the clinic specialists make dipsomania treatment and destroy the abstinence syndrome (hangover), and then carry out purification using a dropper. At this stage, it is important to identify the root cause of the disease by analyzing the features of the patient’s activity, his/her environment, hobbies, everyday life.
  • Suppression of «reaching» for alcohol -  a treatment of patients with alcoholism, which is performed using coding or blocking techniques. This is the so-called «emotional stress» therapy, which essence comes to the infusion of a ban on the consumption of beverages containing ethanol. If a patient breaks down and drinks a glass of alcohol, then he/she will have an unpleasant feeling — nausea, stomach cramps, vomiting.
  • Psychic consciousness correction. The patient attends sessions with a psychologist to solve the problem,  to stop drinking alcohol, to form a negative attitude to alcoholic beverages and learn to live in a sober world.
  • The anti-relapse therapy is aimed at improving the mental condition of the patient and strengthening of his/her health. An important role in preservation of the achieved results of recovery is played by the alcoholism prevention and compliance with the rules of sobriety.