Alcoholism treatment methods

Alcoholism treatment methods. Alcohol abuse hypnosis. How to stop drinking?

The wise Hippocrates said that alcoholism was a «voluntary madness». The essence of this statement is that a person voluntarily starts to drink alcohol and subsequently becomes a slave to his/her desire, tries to find a way how to stop drinking and get rid of a «madness dependence».

In order to completely eliminate all manifestations of alcoholism you shall contact the rehabilitation center in Israel.

Methods of alcohol addiction treatment at the clinic:

  • Dipsomania treatment upon using medicines. A clinic specialist helps the patient to get rid of the hand-shake, remove the «delirium alcoholicum», normalize pressure, restore sleep and improve nutrition.
  • Detoxification or elimination of harmful substances from the blood. The effectiveness of this method is based on taking the special medications and conduct of medical procedures. The patient takes the drugs that destroy the alcohol decay products, which have caused a severe intoxication.
  • Bio-xenon therapy — a modern method, during which the patient inhales a mixture of oxygen and xenon through the mask. As a result — the work of the nervous system is recovered and the metabolism is stabilized.
  • Coding. Upon the medication coding method the medical professionals needle a capsule containing the drug disulfiram, which causes aversion to alcohol. A psychotherapeutic alcohol abuse coding is based on the introduction of the NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques.
  • Psychological sessions. During the group or individual sessions a drinker learns to build a critical attitude to alcoholic beverages, as well as to deal with the mental and physical dependence. In this case, the attending doctor is practicing art therapy, family therapy, as well as the alcohol abuse hypnosis.