Today alcoholism is not a sentence

Today alcoholism is not a sentence. Hypnosis alcoholism treatment in Israel. Treatment of alcohol-addicted persons. Alcoholism treatment methods

More recently, alcoholism was considered a prophet, but not a disease. A sick person had to stay hand to hand with the problem. As a result, few persons managed to successfully deal with this addiction, and many drinkers became social outcasts, they lost family, work, health. Today the experience in…


Alcoholism and the stages of its treatment

Alcoholism and the stages of its treatment. How to stop drinking alcohol. How to treat alcoholism

Alcoholism — a serious disease that disrupts the body and leads to the human degradation. The first sign of its development is the excessive use of alcohol without accompanying vomiting reflex. Under the negative impact of ethyl alcohol the mechanism of metabolic processes is completely reconstructed that result in the…


Alcoholism treatment

Alcoholism treatment. Methods of alcohol addiction treatment. Help with the alcohol addiction

Alcoholism — a common disease, which is found in any psychological clinic. It affects men and women, adults and adolescents. Female alcoholism is much harder to treat than male. This is due to the physiology and increased emotionality of women. Alcoholic disease of adolescents, unlike adults alcoholism, is characterized by…