Stages of alcoholism

Stages of alcoholism. Alcohol addiction treatment. Method of alcohol addiction treatment

Alcoholism refers to mental illnesses, which is accompanied by the development of mental and physical dependence. The main symptom of the disease — the lack of control of alcohol consumed and a strong desire to consume an alcohol beverage.

The disease is expressed in the formation of three stages:

  1. The first stage — is characterized by a morbid attraction for drinking, increase in the acceptability of alcoholic beverages, absence of the vomiting reflex. You may notice some improvement in a person’s mood, who anticipates a drinking of alcohol. After ethyl alcohol enters in the blood, he/she starts to feel real satisfaction from intoxication. The patient has a psychological dependence, decreased performance and irritability. It is easier to find a way how to treat alcoholism at this stage, than to try to treat it during the progression of the disease.
  2. The second stage of the disease is manifested in the increase in resistance to alcohol and the emergence of physical dependence. The dose required for intoxication increases in several times. Drinking alcohol becomes regular. There are observed more strong gaps in memory. A drinker can drink for several days, and feel the hangover in the morning. A short-term dipsomania treatment returns him/her to the working activities, and after a while he/she becomes again a hostage of alcohol.
  3. The third stage — a stage of the patient’s degradation. Its main symptoms — reducing the dose of intoxication, regularity of hard drinking, cardinal perversion of the organs. A drinker loses appetite, his/her liver, kidneys and heart may be greatly affected, and the life seems to be meaningless and uninteresting. By refusing the alcohol addiction treatment, the patient risks to completely destroy his/her body and die.

How to treat alcoholism?

The modern medicine uses the following methods of fighting against these mental illnesses:

  • Aversion therapy — the doctors prescribe the alcohol addiction drugs, which cause aversion to alcoholic beverages.
  • Holding the body detoxification — the body cleansing of alcohol decay products.
  • Psychological therapy — the method of alcohol addiction treatment, which allows getting rid of the disease and prevent relapses.

Social adaptation — the doctors of the alcoholism treatment clinic help to restore the normal relations with others.